A Quick Beer with George McMannus

George, thanks for taking the time to speak to us, Polydor certainly played a big part in the World wide success of the The Jam.
Yes, thatís true. But Polydor were not that big at the time. The Jam certainly contributed greatly to the success of the company. It was an equal thing.
Can you remember when you first heard The Jam
Yes, I heard the first album before it was released and it wasnít for me at all. I remember thinking at the time I must be getting too old for all that. I have to admit I felt the same way about Modern World as well.
Did you ever become a Fan
Oh yes, absolutely. I was played the test pressing of All Mod Conís, and was converted overnight. I realised then that they were far far better than I had given them credit for. The news of the album started spreading around the company and everyone loved it. It was an exciting time. I went up to their next gig, in Birmingham I think it was, and have been a big fan ever since.

Was it obvious then, how big they would become, and that there music would last so long.
We all knew they were onto something, but it would have taken a crystal ball to forecast their longevity
How did you get to hear of the split in 82í
I was called into the Managing Directors office and told on a confidential basis before it became public knowledge. Everybody at Polydor were very upset.

I bet they were, what are your top 5 Jam songs

The Bitterest Pill
Thatís Entertainment
David Watts
In The City
Eton Rifles

There is a launch party for the Web Site down Woking way, with a top Jam tribute band playing a set. You will come, wonít you.

I canít promise to be there but good luck with it,

Thanks George
Well, thank you. Bye...

George McManus, Polydor Ltd, London, England
September 1999