Paul Weller

Hofner Violin Bass guitar (given to Bruce Foxton when he joined The Jam in 1975).

Rickenbacker 330 semi-acoustic guitar (2 pick-ups) - the famous American-made guitar formerly associated with Pete Townsend and the early Who, and also John Lennon and George Harrison of the Beatles during the late sixties.

Jedson Les-Paul Copy (which he used in The Jam's early days )

Strings - Rotosound

Vox AC30 valve combo amplifier.

Studio only: Ovation acoustic guitar.

Bruce Foxton

Hofner Violin Bass guitar (used when first joining The Jam - originally played by Paul Weller).

Rickenbacker 4001 Bass guitar (2 pick-ups) - the unusually shaped bass most associated with Bruce and The Jam - former users of this model include Chris Squire of Yes and Paul McCartney, who used a left-handed version. The unique metallic treble tone of this instrument was as much a part of Bruceís distinctive melodic bass playing as the similarly metallic ring of the Rickenbacker 330 which gave Paul Weller the "Jam" guitar sound.

Ibanez Copy of Rickenbacker 4001 Bass guitar (same specification) - an attempt by Bruce to obtain a Bass guitar sound unlike that of the Rickenbacker, while keeping the image of the Rickenbacker, when Bruce decided to vary his sound after the first Jam album.

Fender Precision Bass guitar with maple neck (one split pick-up) - the classic rock bass guitar (the first ever made) which Bruce adopted after recording "Modern World" in an attempt to obtain a richer tone for his melodic lines. Despite not having the "mod" image of the Rickenbacker, the Fender is the bass most used by Bruce throughout The Jamís career.

Epiphone Rivoli Bass guitar (2 pick-up semi-acoustic) - used in the studio to obtain a more conventional bass sound.

Strings - Rotosound

Marshall 100 Watt Bass amplifier with up to four speaker cabinets each containing four 12" speakers (depending on the size of the venue).

Rick Buckler

Originally used a Hayman kit in the early years moving on to Premier after a brief spell with a Yamaha based kit.
Paiste Cymbals
Natal Congas
His favourite white Premier kit sizes:
26" Bass Drum,
4 Tom Toms (10"x14", 12"x16", 14"x16", 18"x18") with a Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum
Speedking bass drum pedal.